Without a doubt, when students listen to the wrong people and depend on information that is dated or biased. Often there are many distractions and sources provide biased, misleading information that lead students down the wrong path. In the absence of accurate, researched information students go seeking more and more on message boards, chats, through rankings and from current students leading to shortcomings and deviations. It’s a lot like quicksand, the more the student struggles with the info, the deeper they get.

At AdmitKit, we talk a lot about students following the script. What we are referring to is when students chase others dreams and listen to what others think. Both Devin and Braden can speak to this from personal experiences. What ends up happening is students don’t align their talents and interests and miss opportunities to lead a fulfilling life. I know, sounds dramatic, but we have seen people chase after an MD when they never liked biology; a JD when they don’t like debate or seek a job on Wall Street when they scrape by calculus. We aren’t saying these dreams aren’t attainable we just need to find the right path.

Through deep investigation and research, we aim to harness natural talent while identifying constraints to promote long lasting success. Ya, we go way past just getting into a university.

It makes sense that parents remember getting into university as a relatively easy experience. Simply do well in high school, apply to a couple of schools and wait for the acceptance letter to show up in the mail. Well, a few things have changed over the years, first there are no more acceptance letters showing up in the mail. Not to mention, acceptance rates to elite programs continue to stay low, holistic admissions are becoming more commonly adopted and universities market programs in a way that make it challenging to identify real differences. Ultimately, getting into universities can still be pretty easy, but do your parents have their acceptance letter hanging up in their corner office or the degree they acquired?

Yes, of course. When considering university, we recommend you diverge your thought before you start to converge on an option. If you are looking in Ontario, there are 21 universities plus several other affiliated campuses. If you are looking in Canada, there are over 90 universities, with hundreds of program at each. We recommend that you get started with your research, it took us over 10 years of looking at this stuff every day to really figure it out.

Rankings are a popular topic when discussing higher education, especially before you enroll in university. Once there, you will find that most metrics evaluated in QS, Macleans or THE don’t relate to the program you have enrolled in. This is what we call a red herring (something, especially a clue, that is or isn’t intended to be misleading or distracting).

Rankings are a fun tool to use, but they are only one tool in the kit and it is wise to consider the methodology used before you become too dependent on rankings for direction. Two great questions to ask yourself are: what is the criteria used for this ranking, and do I care about what this ranking is taking into consideration?

At AdmitKit, we help you create your own criteria for what is most important to you, and then help you rank your options accordingly.

Part of the confusion surrounding universities is the fact that there can be different names for the same thing. Hence, depending on which university you ask, you may get different answers to this question. Life, Health, and Medical Sciences are not necessarily the same thing, however, these programs have similarities and differences.

It is also important to consider the context of this question. Are you really trying to ask, “which program is more likely to get me into Medical School?”

Before we help you find the answers to these questions, we will ask you: “What are you looking to do after graduation? What aspects of Science do you like?”

By taking a student-centric approach, we can help you begin your path of self-discovery and provide a map for you to reach your goals. Academic Mapping with AdmitKit is a really good way to unpack this question, as we can break down what each program truly looks like.

By no means are we trying to encroach on the expertise of your schools’ resources. Our goal is to complement the support structures you have available by adding expertise related to bridging the gap between high school and university. The fact is, the ratio of guidance counsellors to students ranges around 1:800 in highly concentrated areas in Canada. Between the increasing number of university options and the rise in mental health cases, your guidance counsellor’s time has significant constraints. We’re confident you have noticed this firsthand and as a result a large portion of the university research process is left unguided.

Our suite of offerings has been strategically designed to have each service piece together when students need stem-to-stern assistance, however, we are able to offer each service individually and provide significant, targeted value. We believe that accessibility for these services is critical. That is why we have several packages that you can put together. Send us an email and we can start figuring out what is the best option for you.

Yes. In fact, there is nothing that Devin or Braden like to do more than giving group presentations. If you have a group of 6 or more, we can discount the price of our workshops without detracting from the quality of service, and then build customized individual support packages to ensure you land that offer and scholarship. We also make keynote high school presentations that can address any facet of university life. If your school club is interested in having us in to speak about business, medicine, law school, politics, careers, scholarships, admissions, rankings, design-thinking, etc. we would be happy to make arrangements.

This is right in Devin’s wheelhouse! It is also not an FAQ question, there is way too much to consider. Contact Devin to get started.

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