design workshops

University by Design Workshops


Design workshops are built for you through our customized student-centric approach to ensure that you and your friends receive individualized, relevant information for your university application process.

Chances are (and the data shows) that you aren’t the only one that isn’t sure what to do next. In our experience, the more students who share opinions with each other, the further they get from the facts. Don’t believe us? Just look at a few comments on Reddit and ask your favourite university about the accuracy of the thread. One way to get industry leading expertise at a heavily discounted price is to get a few of your friends together on a Saturday afternoon for one of our design workshops. We can take you through a bundle of our services to help you discover your needs and wants while mitigating your risks. We also can add in our Application Design session and help your students start crafting that perfect application to win the big scholarships!