University application design

Application Design


Going to university is an exciting time, but the financial investment can sometimes distract from the opportunities that exist. Thankfully, there are many scholarships that you likely haven’t even heard about, so don’t let the cost of tuition dampen your spirits. Through Scholarship Application Design, we’ll open your eyes to the financing opportunities that may be available and help you craft the perfect Scholarship Application.


Often the top scholarships are linked to elite programs and require supplementary applications and video or live interviews. Even if you are applying to a program that doesn’t require a supplementary application, you may still be required to complete one for a big-ticket scholarship. This service covers all permutations of the supplemental application process and will improve the chances of you getting the big bucks. We can help design your application for the Schulich Leaders Scholarships, Chancellor’s, The Loran or the TD Community Leaders Scholarship.