AdmitKit OUF Workshop with Blyth Academy


OUF is the perfect opportunity for you to speak with all Ontario universities and start to get an idea of where you want to go. Universities spare no expense on their booths and will attract over 100,000 people throughout the event. Because of this, OUF can be overwhelming and ultimately leave you feeling lost or even more confused.

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We have customized our admissions coaching and academic mapping workshops for a unique program that will allow you to take on OUF in confidence.

The objectives of this workshop:
⁃ Understanding your influencers
⁃ Understanding your decision-making criteria
⁃ Developing your priorities
⁃ Designing an OUF strategy
⁃ Ongoing coaching at OUF
⁃ Thorough understanding of each university offering
⁃ Mapping 3 programs of your choice
⁃ Identifying the academic, social and professional factors for each program

Pre-OUF (max 10 students per session):
Session 1 – Saturday, September 22 9am – 12pm
Session 2 – Saturday, September 22 1pm – 4pm
Session 3 – Sunday, September 23 9am-12pm
Session 4 – Sunday, September 23 1pm – 4pm

OUF – Saturday, September 29 all day at the MTCC. Braden from AdmitKit will be onsite to help.


Post-OUF (sessions will be assigned based on program interests):
Session 1 – Saturday, October 27 9am – 12pm
Session 2 – Saturday, October 27 1pm – 4pm
Session 3 – Sunday, October 28 9am-12pm
Session 4 – Sunday, October 28 1pm – 4pm