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Anyone can pass along information to help you get into university. To truly shake the anxiety of admissions, scholarship applications and picking the right program it takes deep investigation into what is really important. That is, of course, you! This service is not the usual knowledge transfer that puts the university first. Admissions coaching leverages a student-centric approach and builds robust, 360° plans to ensure that you have the best university experience.

Admissions coaching is truly where the magic of designing your university experience begins. We will take you and those close to you through a deep discovery stage to figure out what makes you tick and to navigate potentially misleading information. Many will tell you to follow your passion, but that is fairly abstract advice. Through thoughtful discovery, we will hone in on your interests so that we can help find the right university and design the best experience.

Some students know exactly what they want to do in university, some think they do, and some have no idea; which is completely understandable. In fact, almost 50% of all students in Canada change their degree at some point throughout the journey. Students who aren’t 100% sure about their future in education will find tremendous benefit from this service.

What to Expect

  • Transcript analysis and admissions performance forecasting
  • Engage in family and friend interviews
  • Define student learning statement
  • Program discovery
  • Build your AdmitKit

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