Academic Mapping


What is a university degree?

Is it just a piece of paper? Is it a ticket to your dream career?

In Academic Mapping, we’ll ask YOU these questions and break down what a university degree actually is, step by step and year by year, to help you find the answers. Admissions Coaching will help you find what fuels your engine. In Academic Mapping, we’ll hand you the keys to the wheel as we map out the paths that lie ahead.

According to Brainstorm Strategy Group, 75% of students state they pursue post-secondary education to “get a good job,” but we passionately believe that a university degree is one significant tool within a larger tool kit. We’ll introduce you to a university journey that is more than simply academic. Let’s design and prototype the different social and professional development paths that coexist with your academics so that you can turn any choice-overload into a confident decision.

Don’t settle for just a fun first year. Learn how to get the most out of your entire university experience, so that you’re ready to take on the world with that degree in hand. Oh yeah, its more than just a piece of paper.

What to Expect

  • Introduction to the Academic – Social – Professional (ASP) model
  • Discover your needs, wants and constraints
  • Design your experience
  • Build a strategic plan
  • Increase confidence in your university decision