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  • Admissions Coaching

    Anyone can pass along information to help you get into university. To truly shake the anxiety of admissions, scholarship applications and picking the right program it takes deep investigation…

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  • Admissions Coaching and Academic Mapping – Blyth London

    Admissions Coaching (1:30pm – 2:45pm) Investigate influencers and self-assessment Transcript analysis and academic performance forecasting Introduction of the Academic – Money – Experience (AME) model, uniquely designed by AdmitKit…

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  • Academic Mapping

    What is a university degree?

    Is it just a piece of paper? Is it a ticket to your dream career?

    In Academic Mapping, we’ll ask YOU these questions and break down…

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  • Application Design

    Going to university is an exciting time, but the financial investment can sometimes distract from the opportunities that exist. Thankfully, there are many scholarships that you likely haven’t even…

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  • Decision-Making Support

    For students that have been working with us through Academic Mapping, you will receive support from start to finish through digital consultations, workshops and in person meetings (when possible)….

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  • AdmitKit OUF Workshop with Blyth Academy

    OUF is the perfect opportunity for you to speak with all Ontario universities and start to get an idea of where you want to go. Universities spare no expense…

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  • University by Design Workshops

    Design workshops are built for you through our customized student-centric approach to ensure that you and your friends receive individualized, relevant information for your university application process.

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  • Digital Tutoring

    Of course, getting top grades is still the best way to improve your application and your chances to get into university. We have partnered with Leading…

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  • Guiding Guidance

    Let’s face it, your guidance counsellors are stretched with responsibilities spanning from mental health support to sending transcripts for university admissions. In some highly concentrated areas, the average ratio…

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